Bones and Ashes

Animal bones, abandoned Air Force radar base, Burns, Oregon.

Desert car, Wrights Point, Oregon.

Abandoned wrangler cabin, Oregon.

Motorcycle accident, Ukiah, Oregon.

Ashes into the Umitilla River.


Water Rock Sky

The Crooked River at Smith Rock State Park, Prineville, Oregon.

Look closely- three rock jocks are scaling the cliff. We used to do that kind of thing but those days are long gone....

Buddha head rock.

Big scrum rock.

Vapor trail.

Tumalo Falls.



Dagger Falls, Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho.

Middle Fork launch at Boundary Creek.

Frosted mountain tops, Bear Valley, Idaho.

Tree trunk, Pendleton, Oregon.


Harney County, Oregon

Redneck hunting blind, downtown Burns, Oregon.

Check out this cool Polaris four wheeler.

Or this even cooler Oregon State Police Charger.

Firefighters are welcomed back at Egans Tavern.

To play a game of shuffleboard.

And make a selection from the taps.

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