Long Beach, Washington

In the distance, the Columbia River empties into the Pacific Ocean.

Our rental. Yeah, the outside is a bit rough (salt air will do that), but inside, it was very nice.

Gandolf the wood carving.

Driftwood dude.

Marsh's Museum, a Long Beach attraction since the 1920's.

The walls are lined with hundreds of bizarro mounts... like this two headed piglet.

Old skulls hang from the ceiling. Something ain't right about that.

The family of this Amazonian called. They want his shrunken head back.

The most famous residence at this macabre museum is Jake the Alligator man. Acquired by the musuem for $750 in 1967, Jake is equal parts baby alligator/another unfortunate shrunken jungle head, evidently the creation of a mad Dr. Frankenstein taxidermist. Jake now has a cult following, including an annual blues fest named in his honor.

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