Florida Keys

We apologize for the lack of activity, but we've been in deep hibernation and simply haven't had any material to post. Until this week that is, spent in the balmy Forida keys.

The days passed too quickly, as they always do. Adventures and good times were plentiful, like the morning spent on a catamaran sailing trip from Key West.

Another day was spent renting a boat and exploring Indian Key. Once the Dade County seat and home to fifty residents called "wreckers" (they eked out a hard scrabble existence by salvaging the cargo from shipwrecks), the island was abandoned in 1841 following a Seminole Indian attack. Now, only the rain water cisterns and the rubble of fallen buildings remain.

Fishing the shallows for barricuda.

Pelican carcass is found... with a leg band.

Over at Mallory Square on Key West, Dr. Juice, also known as the Calypso Tumbler, jumps through small hoops and flips across the sqaure like a doodlebug. Now in his fifties, Dr. Juice is one of the many street performers who entertain the masses before the sun sets from the southernmost point in the lower 48.

Juggler Will Soto, a mainstay at Mallory Square since 1976, does his high-wire schtick before another crowd.

Only in Key West.

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