Playa Del Carmen Part I

Hola Amigos! Back from our trip to Mexico we are. The snow may still be ankle deep in Michigan but after the next several postings, you'll feel like you were there with us... toes buried in the warm sand, a sweating mojito off to the side, watching the clouds pass and the tide roll in.

The threads will start off with various random collections of how it looked last week on the Yucatan peninsula, 60 kilometers south of Cancun, and finish with a bullfight at the Plaza De Toros. Ole!

Above is how the beach looked in morning, before tens of thousands of sun crazed Americans, Canadians, and mixed Euros plopped their white bods in the sand to scorch in the rays.

The food was awesome. Check out the size of these killer prawns... as big as chicken drumsticks!

We visited as many of the local sites of interest as time allowed. Here you see the ruins at Tulum, a walled Mayan port city dating back to the 12th century. Walking past the castillo (main temple, seen here), we thought of the Mel Gibson yarn Apocalypto and wondered how many beating hearts were sacrificed before the Mayan civilization went extinct.

Now the only inhabitants at Tulum are the many iguanas who pose like swimsuit models on the rocks above the azure blue waters.

Back in Playa Del Carmen, a street performer does her nightly fire dance.

So until next posting, buenos noches!


Last Brick Standing

The Lafayette Building is now days away from final respite.

The claw showed no mercy to its crumbling bricks and rusting beams.

A new hole is opening in the city skyscape.
Through the wind-sheered grand canyons of Detroit.

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