New Format

Thanks to our highly-skilled IT support team, we've altered our template a bit. The previous Blogspot format was ok, but read like so many of the countless other sorry blogs out there. We don't claim to be any better, but at least now we look a little different.

And we have disabled the RR comment link. For a while, we enjoyed the hearty banter inherant with allowing open and anonymous comments. But, it wasn't long before some faceless lowlife came along and began to post messages far beyond the boundaries of spirited opinion. Unfortunately, the wierdos and losers are drawn to the internet like rain drops to a raincoat. We're not going to allow some degenerate who sits at home sniffing his own body odor and surfing the 'net dump his mental garbage on this site. We tinkered with moderating the comments but ultimately said to hell with that as well. Mental telepathy only from this point forward.

And we apologize about not having any recent river trip postings. The holiday weekend was spent updating the kitchen (no easy task. On the first day, the rented steam machine transformed old wallpaper and fifty years of paint into globs of unmanageable gloop. Day Two was spackling and priming good times. Day Three was forfieted to painting the walls and ceiling. On Day Four, we put up new trim and cleaned up). The kitchen no longer looks vintage 1978. It was worth the tediousness and aggravation.

We're hoping to be back on the river by the end of the week, and we'll be sure to keep you updated. As for the above photo- it was taken last week on our recent noodling trip, when the morning sun speared through the Kentucky trees and shards of light exposed a simple truth not previously illuminated: life's too short. Don't suffer the fools.

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