The Two Idahos

Instead of yabbering away for another posting, we're going to depart from the standard RR format a bit. We'll do this collage style: a collection of photographs illustrating the contrast between the Idaho of Old and New Idaho. In many parts of the state, Idaho is still the classic west, where hard-scrabble and self-reliant people eke out difficult lives as ranchers, miners, or loggers. But over the years, a new Idaho has emerged: Boise is a modern high-tech city (thanks to Micron) which has doubled in population in the last ten years. In Ketchum/Sun Valley, the average price of a home has surpassed one million dollars. Here's a random mix of photographs from across the state illuminating the difference between the two Idahos:

West of Victor, an abandoned home with a mountain view sits amidst amber wheat fields.

South of Sun Valley, a vacation home with a mountain view sits amidst other mansions in an exclusive neighborhood.

In Lincoln County, Brew and Cue owner Cliff Killen sometimes mingles with the crowd on chicken gizzard Saturdays.

In Blaine County, The Mint owner Bruce Willis sometimes mingles with the crowd on Latin disco Saturdays.

In Driggs, the only thing left at the fire station worth a few bucks is the coffee urn.

In Ketchum, the fire station only serves Starbucks in the coffee urn.

Along the western front of Mt. Borah, an AM radio station crackles out an Alan Jackson song.

Along West Front Street in Boise, a FM radio station booms out a 50 Cent (aka Curtis Jackson) song.

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