Big Star

Crossing paths with a movie actor doesn't happen very often, so we'll pass today's little incident on to you:

We had an hour to kill before the start of the new James Bond movie (the best 007 flick we've seen in years), in Birmingham, MI. Just enough time for a cold beer and tomato juice at Dick O'Dows Irish pub. The Lions game had just begun, and a woman behind us asked the bartender if they'd change one of the televisions to the Steelers game. We turned to see who was speaking and two feet away was Tim Allen and wife.

No one pestered him for autographs or pictures (which no doubt happens all the time), but the pub kept the televisions set to the dreadful Lions game. They walked out the door and a few minutes later so did we, leaving all of six people to cry in their beers over another season down the dumper.

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