Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Summertime in Michigan means four-wheeling at Silver Lake State Park.

But we need to get there first. Five miles away from the dunes, Drew's jeep ran out of gas. Thankfully, one of the asparagus farms gave us a gallon of petro and saved the day.

Hop in the backseat as we enter Silver Lake State Park.

Up the big hill we went, like twenty-five times. Unsucessful we were, like twenty-four times. Here we totter, high-centered on the dune, hoping gravity doesn't flip us like a big turtle.

Luckily, another good samritan came along and yanked us off our precarious pearch.

Our tire tracks plow deeper and deeper....

Time to let more air out of the tires.

Drew basks in the moment of victory.

Next sand ridge over, dirt bikers conduct their own gravity tests.

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