If a tourist from another country were to ask RR what American cities are must-sees, Savannah would top our list. They would find a most unique mix of history, architecture, southern culture, a thriving art scene, and a town that knows how to have a good time.
It's also the first city we've visited that converted a crumbling cemetary into a park. From 1750 to 1853, the Colonial cemetary was the final resting place for hundreds of early residents. Many of the graves are encased in tombs made of brick and cement- a practice we assume was done to discourage robbers from obtaining the gold watches and gold teeth of the interred.

Crawdads and oysters on the deck at the Bayou Cafe- Savannah cuisine at it's finest.

Pull the handsome little critters apart, suck the spicy juices from the head, and eat the tail!

Countless unique features adorn many of the buildings, such as this iron dragon sign holder at the Bayou Cafe.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, one of America's oldest churches.

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