The Bull Fight: Part I

We're getting to the bullfight.... but just like how it went down at the Plaza De Toros, first up are the many dances, parades, and contests- all part of the pageantry that take place before the official la fiesta de toros.

For almost two hours, horsemen and dancers engaged in spectacular displays of cultural showmanship, like this Mexican square dance on the dusty arena floor.

Sash wearing chareos dance their crazy sword dance.

Horseriders display the flags of the tourist countries.

A mariachi band warms up the crowd.

Tourista damas play a game of catch the greased piglets.

And the tourista hombres play an invigorating game of man vs. little bull soccer.
Which didn't go so well for this guy.

Or this guy.

And the pre-bullfight activities concluded with the grandest of animal contests; the rooster fight.

Up next: the moment you've all been waiting for, the tauromachia.

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