Light Show

Driving home this evening after a few days in northern Michigan, a brilliant harvest moon lifted over the eastern horizon. We whipped out the camera and tried to take a few shots from the dashboard as we bulleted down the interstate. As we should have expected, the moon pics turned out lousy (while the moon loomed large on the horizon, in picture it looked like a tiny penlight floating in the sky). But something unintentional happened: some of the photos captured a remarkable dashboard lightshow.

Wispy ribbons of color dance like kite tails in the wind. What's probably just our radio looks like waves of energy cascading down a cosmic fountain. Or maybe it's the dashboard again. Sometimes the most interesting images are the ones least expected or the least explainable.

Light + velocity = some pretty whack images.

We eventually pulled off the highway and put the camera on a fence post at a park. That moon, so immense and magnificant as it rose over the treeline, is only a little white dot against the velvet black sky on film.

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