Western Omelet

We'll close out the Idaho/Wyoming/Oregon thread with a big western omelet of random images that we omitted from the previous postings. It's time to move on, but we wanted to post these pictures for no other reason than we are too lazy to put our photos on disk and this is an easy way to archive. We'll keep the banter to a minimum, other than a note about location. That's another sign of laziness, but it's a beautiful fall day here and we have things to do. Like deal with a boat full of leaves and water because the cover blew off in a storm while we were away.

Here's a shot of the Idaho sky, as shards of sunlight penetrated thick clouds.

Near Twin Falls, Idaho, at a memorial called The Healing Field, thousands of flags were arranged in honor of the victims of 9/11.

Near Bonanza City, Idaho, an old miner's cabin crumbles in front of a pine knoll.

On the coast of Oregon, waves break atop distant shoals before crashing into the rocky shore.

The wind-bent and gnarled branches of a tree point towards an ocean beach.

The Haceta Head Lighthouse overlooks a sandy ocean beach as low tide exposes thousands of tiny clams.

Next: back in Michigan, as fall colors peak.

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